Wants needs desires Part n

02 May 2016

What are the ways in which Wants Needs and Desires are signaled . People are poor at this. I was once on a dating site called OkCupid, my gf, once told me that based off the profile she thought I might be a crazy person. I carefully stepped her though my profile , with my attempts to illustrate what I wanted to signal. To which she replied at around 90% of the entries, made her think I was a crazy person, not at all like the man she was dating. This is a classic example of not understanding the WND of the person visiting the page and subsequently not communicating my WND effectively. How do we extract the human from the signaling process?

Lets for a second pretend we’re an evolving species of insects. We might have some features of a population that are good and some that are bad. Evolution forces our population to weed out the features that are bad or not productive in some manner, and strengthen the ones that are good. The objective function in this case is whether or not the species lives long enough and is capable of procreating to pass its particular genetic make up on.

Lets take this approach to profile content, if we mined your personal content, the data you sent through email and text, we might be able to use simple word embedding models to generate a dating profile. The answers that we thought you would most likely reveal to a set of questions. We’d then use the profile page views and click through rates and your response to the them via acceptance of a message or liking back as feedback that the particular feature of the page attracted the personality type you were into. By decoupling the responsibility of generating content and using the feedback mechanism to evolve the content on the page, we are able to send the appropriate signal to attract the mate you were looking to signal.

We remove the inherent bias , that exist when we attempt to signal without tools our WND. The downside to this is the searching cost, for the correct signals that would result in our WND. We might never find the combination or might not find it fast enough. For websites with high amounts of traffic using a system like this might result in extremely effective pages, given you’re able to provide the feedback to the system about the results.

=== Part 3: How does a system like this function ===l

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