Wants, Needs, and Desires

27 Apr 2016

Recently I’ve been communicating with non engineering folk, at a more business to business level. Its come to my attention that I spend a considerable amount of time attempting to discern what people’s expectations are and positions are. Does this form or diagram need to be pixel perfect or is this unassuming sketch good enough. Should I coyly bring this topic up or be direct. Is my language communicating enough good will. Really what I’m desiring to do is understand the other parties context, their wants, needs , and desires. I’d like to see an automated system, that conveyed the needs more transparently. Imagine a scenario in which there’s an article submission form. A website on the surface looks pristine and as though its standard might be too high for your lowly article submission. A lot of people have difficulty discerning this and might back away. The reality for the website might be they get very little traffic and too few submissions. If we had an automated system to ascertain the business position of the website, in this case that submissions have a higher chance of being excepted , because fewer people are submitting. Then that’s a win for both parties the future submitter and the website. I suppose the point is that if we have a global system that can assess for us what groups of people may want need or desire we can communicate more effectively with those groups.

=== Part 2: Next Week How do we build systems to signal WND ===

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