Top Three Reasons why Transpiling doesn't make me happy

15 Jul 2015

Lack of transparency for the transpilation

For instance , If you’re writing in a higher order language, the way the higher order constructs are translated tend to be non transparent to the programmer. Even if the language has well documented , behavior, the programmer is still sufficiently abstracted from the end result, that it would be very possible, to only deal with the transpiled language, ignoring the underlying languages limitations. ### An inability to keep up with any progress made A transpiled language will always be behind, the parent langauge’s optimizations. For simply the reason that its essentially work that needs to be implemented twice. Once in the parent langauge, then again in the language that’s being transpiled. ### The inevitable deprecation of the language. Transpiled languages ultimately don’t last. They either become their own full fledge language, or the language that’s being transpiled into becomes better removing the necessity for the transpiled language.


Javascript Transpilation doesn’t make me happy, but the future of web technologies and Web Assembly does. This wouldn’t be transpilation, but rather a language that you would compile to much like C to asm. This would open the door for languages , to simply translate their language set to Web Assembly, so imagine writing Haskell to webassembly. The alternative would be to deal with the aformentioned three.

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