2016 will be a great software technology wise if

07 Jan 2016

  • dev kits for Oculus Rift and other augmented/vr reality becomes cheaper
  • Ai is more open sourced like Google’s Tensor Flow and Tensor Flow goes to production ready
  • Apple surprises us and releases a glass-like or augmented reality type of device
  • Software testing for hardware devices , can be automated and backwards/ version tested easily (“without having multiple un updated devices lying around”)
  • Docker CoreOS, and mesos remove the Amazon AWS monopoly and open the software world up to competition
  • React-Native from Facebook supports 90% of mobile development features for Android And iOS
  • WebComponents are more readily constructible to make a safer web
  • There are tools that are better at integrating with the real world
  • Passwordless login is used more a la Medium
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