03 Feb 2016

I like to think about implausible situations. Today, I pose the question of what the limitations could be of having a clone work successfully with you towards the goal of living.

The clone scenario.

You step into a cloning machine, and out comes a perfect duplicate, from memory, to physicality. The clone has the following rules.

The clone is you so wants to see you succeed The clone is autonomous so it can’t be directly controlled

In order to maximize your living capacity, the following activities seem like a good idea.

  • Planning the days activities // who does what or goes where
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Splitting the resources that you’ve both acquired through out the day

1.To tackle the first item planning the following seems like a good deal

Figuring out who does what is a function as a function of Fairness + Physical Exertion levels + Physical Capabilities

  • Fairness: taking out the trash isn’t fun so alternating is fair
  • Physical Exertion: High amounts of physical exertion require more food cal. rest and recovery
  • Physical Capabilities: If the task is to run 50miles , you also can’t pick up the groceries in the same day

2. Knowledge Sharing time transferring of knowledge acquired at the beginning and the end of the day

  • Talking: orally discussing what happened its sometimes faster to get the gist
  • Writing: typing up the details of the gist
  • Recording: A picture is worth a thousand words sometimes
  • Selection: Marking of relevant or important content for sharing
  • Daily Update of Selection Criteria: How to decide what’s important

3. Splitting the resources you’ve acquired throughout the day means consumption for future production

Deciding who eats what + who wears what + who owns what when


After writing down the aforementioned list, I find that these thoughts are scarily similar to the problems that we try and solve when building could computing/distributed systems. Machines, have partial knowledge of a world state, they might need to share the important things, they might need to decide who gets access to network resources, they might even have to plan how to execute some code together. Finally we have things such as what happens when a machine is broken, how do we recoordinate our efforts.

Our emphasis on solving these problems, are the same required to make a virtual clone successful. I’ll be it that the truly difficult part is making the clone interact with an imperfect human, but perhaps treating the human as a less capable virtual clone, might make the interaction a positive. I don’t think about Earth often. I don’t think about how its working, or why the sky is blue. However, when I do think about Earth, I must face the fact that I simply know very little about it! Recently, I started a project that forces me to know quite a deal about Earth. I’m quite voracious with my thirst for knowledge, but for this project I started from scratch. I still haven’t finished the project, but while I’ve ben working on it , a tangential concern struck me. I spent over a month reading research papers and attempting to understand how to model the sun’s motion and radiation affect on the planet. I could have spent 1 week, if I knew where the information about the derivation and origin of the formulas were. Search needs to improve.

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