Positive Trends in new Technology tend to contain at least one of the following Organization,Transparency, and/or Simplicity

25 Jun 2015

  1. Simplicity: A positive trend simply tries to remove the complexity inherent in its technology,
    examples are Event Loop->MVC->Flux , where even though in the 90s event loop code was too tightly coupled and hard to logic about , mvc realized separating concerns as a good thing, Flux recognized that too much seperation leads to more complexity and separated the model and coupled state.
  2. Organization: From C includes and header files to makefiles -> npm,gems, and javascript modules, classes, to duck typing and type classes, all of these are simply better more, evolved forms of organization
  3. Transparency where it matters: Flux/React, in coupling state and the view, whilst separating the model concerns, these changes make code easier to read. Its a decent leap from the event loop days, with its pockets of persistence everywhere. From multiple inheritence,to interfaces, to type classes these things make code more transparent when it comes to expectations.
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