Compelled to finish

09 Mar 2016

When I work alone, I find it often hard to finish entire projects. The problem is not in the beauty of the work, or solving a complex algorithm. Its in the slog, back breaking stupid work. The that needs to get to get done, but is just boring not exciting, and dead simple. Without people I need structure. There is power in the forcing function that is working with other people. I find that when there is the threat of letting people down, I’m willing to undergo any task that I might find generally too mundane to tackle on my own. It is the power of social pressure and the power of community that often compels me to do the boring work required often to make a complete product. Knowing that the decision to not perform a boring task , is not really just my own but also that of the community helps ease my mind to tackle the effort . When I don’t have this forcing function, I’ve found that , I must give myself a more structured environment ( a schedule, a routine, a timer) in order to be effective. With these devices, I once again no longer become the sole decider of my fate, the timer or routine whose importance has in my mind taken a great weight, eases my mind once again to tackle the effort.

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