The New Beginning

25 May 2016

This is kind of a weird post. It’s been one year since I initially started this blog and it’s effect has been an interesting one. When I first started this blog, I thought I might write some technical articles, telling people how to do things. Or what my take on a technology might be. I tried that and found myself not really feeling satisfied. It was around that time I read Paul Graham’s essay on how to have startup ideas. So I took up the challenge, and decided that I would , spend once a week coalescing my thoughts into one cohesive idea for the week. I was often uncertain if I had an idea in me, but sure enough one would creep in and I’d pound it out. Despite a serious failure in grammar and the more than occasional typo. I was able to produce an idea a week. After doing this for one year, I found that I had ebbs and flows, of quality of idea. Sometimes a high quality idea would get pushed aside, just simply due to time constraints . Spending one day a week writing about a lofty idea, simply wasn’t really enough. My ideas are often concepts, and my concepts really need to be poked more, prodded. So I’m making this my final post in this format. The blog might come back, but in a different way or , I might go off in cave and implement the ideas, that I started here. I might start a new challenge, a challenge that helps explore these ideas with more rigor involving other people and gathering their thoughts to make my scattered fragmented thoughts more whole. Thank you readers for following along and reading my sometimes crazy thoughts. I appreciate it !

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