Thanks and Kudos

02 Dec 2015

Thanks and Kudos

This past Thanksgiving over a couple of glasses of wine. I began to mull over what I was thankful for , and the idea struck me that we really have no way to anonymously thank the people that we interact with everyday. We need a way to do this, a missed connections for positive interactions in a local radius. I think it would be nice to stumble across a post about yourself or to see that perhaps we’re not all monsters out there.

People rating

Technology should improve the everyday experience of living, wether that means carelessly perusing Facebook, or Instagram for status updates to see what’s going on or using an app to book a flight.Peeple seems a bit reckless. Anyone can rate you directly slander, not slander. I don’t think it improves lives. I think the proliferation of false positives will be too great. In Linkedin for instance you can easily just recommend people, giving your stamp of approval for a certain skillset. Recommendations are quite meaningless, maybe they improve your search result, but I’ve never hired anyone based off of LinkedIn recommendations. What if most of my friends aren’t on Peeple and I sign up and a person who has a beef with me gives me one star regardless , but all of that persons friends are on the service so, my reciprocal one star has 0 meaning . Then there’s social anxiety about managing a online persona. Stores and businesses are independent entities from the owners in most cases. So bad yelp review is a reflection of the store , not the owner. I could not imagine anxiously checking my rating. Finally even yelp ratings are almost meaningless, as the distribution of ratings has more meaning, but also the temporal aspect of the distribution. Maybe you broke up with someone and went through a rough time, that would not be reflected with in the average or the distribution of haters for the rating.

What we should do

We should focus our energies collectively as a society on improving our environments as a whole, building tools and infrastructure to support each other. Imagine an app/forum/website , that allowed you to comment on positive interactions that you had with the environment. Currently NextDoor kind of does this, but its a little harder to reach, as the kudos and thanks are local to the items already in NextDoor and the ecosystem doesn’t really support searching for positive interactions in the area.


There is a noticeable difference in having positive interactions, and a positive outlook in life. Simply google positive emotions and performance, and you’ll see that everything from creativity increases, personal happiness levels, contentment, environment improves. If we spend so much time bored browsing missed connections, why not missed gratitudes, and see how that would affect our daily personal lives.

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