Javascript ECMA6 + Angular JS 2.0 == Spring MVC

13 Nov 2014

Javascript ECMA6 + Angular JS 2.0 == Spring MVC:

Recently I came to the following obeservation,that recent enhancements to the popular javascript development framework Angular JS shares alot in common with Spring MVCand concepts that have found their way into the Java core such as Future noticed recently.These changes along with the ability to have real classes javascript have it feeling a little more like Java. When it comes to angular, they’re utilizing some of the ECMA6 features to allow javascript developers to write highly decoupled code. The ideas behind these enhancements is to allow for more fexibility in designing software. Specifically, freeing developers from writing code that is immutable and hard to test. These features alone are definitely worth testing out. There are several cross compilation tools available, if you wanted to take this to prod :o . I’ve been using nodejs harmony features to play around with some of the new concepts such as generators not everything is supported from the spec, but most things are. How do you find these new features?

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