04 Nov 2015

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the things that need to improve within my life, and how to achieve those things. About maybe 6 months ago, I said I wanted to start putting ideas down on paper, and sharing them. 2 years ago, I wrote the first post and said the same things. The difference, was really simple and contained two things , that help me get over the hump of consistency and beginning.

The first thing that changed from first blog post, was the weight of self expectation. Being a bit obsessive at times, I had built an imagine of myself perfectly communicating my ideas, putting my thoughts in well written prose form. However, the reality was that at that time. I had not written a single line of anything outside of a spec. The first thing that had to go was the weight of expectation. To achieve this I gave myself a small time limit . I had to say all that I wanted to say in 15minutes. This relieved the pressure I put on myself to make grand statements, and also helped me focus more on the idea.

The second thing that changed from my first blog post, was the period of time in which, I would attempt to write it. Instead of a writing it at 7pm one night, 11pm another, 9pm … etc… . My girlfriend impressed upon me the idea that I needed a schedule. Having a schedule removed the weight of uncertainty from shoulders. If I knew at say 8:30pm I was going to write and I had a hour to do it or 15min, then it was easy form to just show up and do it.

The net result of those 2 seemingly minor changes , is its easier for me to start writing my ideas down, and get things that are important done. uncertainty

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