What's beyond emoji?

07 Oct 2015


An emoji really represents a synthesis of feeling, its suciccent ,easy to understand, and doesn’t require time to generate. An emoji encodes a feeling in the form of a pictograph.

Synthesizing Emotion

With emoji we deliberately synthesize some emotion. We attempt to express that which is hard to convey with words, as a even more abstract collection of symbols. We do this synthesis, because our ability to communicate with another human face to face generally conveys lots of signals, towards the way that we feel, and the communication is instantaneous. When you tell a friend about good news, the :D or :) emoji is conveyed through words of support or a physical gesture, signaling such. Perhaps emoji are really just a metaphor for the physical action we would take. A smile or skiing or a way of abstractly communicating an emotion.

Sensors for Physical State for more Emotional Emoji

Given motion capture ability, perhaps the thing that can evolve emoji, are deep sensor readings of emotional state, ex. heart rate and motion . Imagine, being able to recreate the physical gesture of slapping a high five or seeing with more accuracy the uplifiting mood or description. Receive a text that your friend just got a promotion , imagine getting a physical sensation in response. Something that indicated heart rate and simulated the stimulation felt from a high five.

Emoji is more than a meatphor for IRL :) :(

Perhaps, this is not what we want. Perhaps, emoji serve another purpose altogether, what we want is to lower the amount of stressful interaction that comes with conveying emotion. Emotion is hard to convey it can come with its own set of risks, being misinterpeted, no reciprocated, rejected. Some thought as to the outcome of the emotion in real life weighs on us. When we are not allowed to delay the reaction, often time we might have a more in the moment reaction.The emoji allows us to convey an emotion without having to deal with alot of the problems, of face to face communication. - Our emotions need not be 100% accurate - We can send the emotion and not have to deal with immediate response to it - Its less personal. The further we are away from the emotion easier it may be to convey
####What would it mean to have a instantaneous stream of emoji.

The question is what would happen if we simply, allowed a person to have a feed of their sensor data, would, we be able to allow services to tie into our emotional feed data. To potentially better serve us, imagine walking into a restaurant and having a suggestion for food , based on your emotional state of mind. Comfort food after a long day, energizing food in the morning if you’ve had a long night. Special perks to brighten your day, if your data suggest you’re feeling melancholic. Perhaps another question we could pose would be what would allow machines to have a view into our emotional world could we use this to improve our lives. For instance a private feed that told a love one of emotional distress, where the instant reaction could be a comforting physical gesture. A virtual hug vs words of comfort.

What do you need ?

The real rub here is that you need full context of what’s happening to allow for a raw stream of emotional sensor data to be useful. The beauty of emoji . Is that emoji allows one to respond how they’d like to respond, regardless of context.

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