Effective Standup

22 Mar 2016

An effective stand up . The stand up should aspire to be a quick non disruptive way for team members to communicate with each other. The team members should feel safe, to talk about any concerns, any successes, or any news that has occurred during the time between the last stand up without judgement. A successful effective standup usually consists of a 1 - 3 minute per person talk, in which the person talking discusses the challenges, concerns, and progress made on their work. When each person is finished, if there are more concerns, the people that have the correct knowledge should break out at discuss further. The goal of the standup is to help each other achieve their end goals effectively and to hear about potential problems quickly, so plans can be made and projects adjusted. If anything, the most important aspect outside of time, is that the team focus on helping each other answer questions and remove any roadblocks we may be facing.

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