Dumb Machines

02 Mar 2016

Let Us Not Keep Machines Dumb and Create A Global Crowdsourced Database for Scientific Knowledge

Machines are bound to be dumb, unless we give them the tools to become smart. As society sprints forward, the speed in which we run , becomes increasingly hindered, by the wide breadth of scientific and mathematical knowledge, hindered by the necessity to translate this knowledge natural language text to working and functioning virtual machines. With a database in which the machine is able to activate the idea, turning it into a virtual machine . We might be able to go from concept to reality in a much shorter step. With a working public global database of one could imagine writing programs, that could annotate scientific papers, and demonstrate how formulas relate, we could also imagine simply compiling programs from scientific papers themselves. The scientific formulas could be extracted and transpiled into functioning code. As humans we always look for a way to shorten the distance from thought to reality, such a global database would be a major step towards this positive direction.

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