Digital Art Challenges

13 Apr 2016

Generative Digital Art in this technical age faces three major challenges, before its reproducibility and variability are able to be leveraged to create and inspire people like its physical counterpart does with dedicated artist.

  1. Creating Digital art that’s living or constantly generating is costly
    • To create art that’s constantly evolving requires developing an application
    • It could require hosting aforementioned application(server,storage cost)
    • It could require high amounts of bandwidth depending on the experience
  2. Selling Digital art is not highly valued - Digital commodities in general outside of video games are expected to be cheaper than there physical counterparts - A art subscription service , doesn’t really serve the art community and not having legacy organization front patronage removes the need to have a broker between the artist and the consumer
  3. The experience of the art is not easily unifiable and requires a high amount of skill
    • Reproducing the art to look uniform across environments can be tricky, and involve alot of work outside of creating the algorithms and concept behind the artwork.

The afformentioned are not deal breakers just challenges that we should be tackling in order to create an environment in which generative digital art can thrive in a digital age.

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