The phone is dead

18 May 2016

The Phone is Dead. Today I looked outside of my office window , and watched people listening to their phones via earbuds, and it reminded me sharply of a cassette player. Simply the best we have for now. There could be better, things capable of doing more, but not yet ready for prime time. I believe that VR/AR/MR is that next phase. If we think about the advancements that we’ve made with phones, we’re almost at the point of diminishing returns. There’s hardly a sensor, device, or special thing that we cannot perform already with our phones. Nothing is holding us back. The camera i already powerful enough to cover most simple needs. What we need is something better . The limitations that the cellphone , has are its size, and its need to be carried with us everywhere in our pockets. It’s not seamlessly integrated into our lives. Its a little addition. If I had AR/VR system with some sort of hud display I could sit on the bus that I’m writing from, and simply interact with content or annotate my environment more richly, with out holding up my device pointing at it , taking a picture moving it to storage. In fact I argue that so pervasive will the next stage be that I’ll be able to recreate full moments and share them. Typing could be done simply on my lap or in air I could also read very large displays without the need for running out of scroll space. The phone is dead, no amount of cpu or little sensors, could add anymore value to my life. Apple for instance lost money, and its clear the future is not in the phone market, but in the market in which we can move the needle towards a better and more integrated Tomorrow. The tomorrow is also not writing cross platform code, for a specific platform. It’s writing code that can integrate with its surroundings.

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