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14 Oct 2015

The Augmented Reality Web Part 1

What comes after the internet. Lately, there has been alot of buzz about immersive technologies such as Microsoft Hololens and Oculus Rift. But I fear, we’re a bit limited in our thinking, neglecting the less fully immersive technology. We should perhaps consider augmented reality technology as a very important cousin to the aformentioned. It is this technology that I’m most excited about. To be able to augment the natural world with additional information seems exciting. One thing that has struck me, has been, what I think is a lack of discussion about creating an augmented reality network, and what that could or should mean. The following is my attempt to justify the need for an Augmented Reality network.


I’ve been thinking about how I might leverage locality and a network. What would be the impetus for creating a network that was only accessible in certain locations or was very specific to a location. I tried to conjure a situation in which the following held true. - Locality provides some benefit that you could not get otherwise - You get some added benefit from being in a location.

Augmented Network

The Augmented Reality Network fulfil all of the locality requirements.
- locality provides some benefit that you could not get otherwise - With an augmented reality if you were at an augmented reality address you would see the enhancement at that location the locality aspect would be essential to the thing you were doing - You get some added benefit from being in a location - Utilizing AR you would be able to access more features of the space, you could imagine seeing a digital representation of a checkboard or waitlist sheet at restaurant or being able to identify the staff at the location etc… .

The Rest To Be Continued Next post

  • How does it work and what’s necessary to make it work
  • What are the limitations
  • What are the rules
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