24 Feb 2016

“Ants struggling in the snow”

Half a decade ago, I perfomed in a performance art piece by the same name [Marcello Maloberti: Ants Struggling in the snow] ( . Whenever I find myself struggling with a large problem, that requires ugly dedicated work. I find myself taking on the persona of an ant struggling in the snow.

The analogy keeps me going strong ! Likening my struggle to an ant struggling in the snow, I feel the that what I’m doing has more philosophical meaning. There is spring on the horizon, Life . There is hardship, but the ant is resilient and dutiful, carefully and methodically going about their work. There is irony and seemingly insurmountable challenges, to tackle them the ant must brave danger . Everything that makes for an exciting scene, everything to lend and shed perspective on a temporarily dark situation. Since I’ve taken this perspective, I find myself more up beat with my visualization upbeat, and readily marching towards the end goal

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