Algorithms with a discretionary fund

09 Sep 2015

What would it be like to give a Siri-like entity a discretionary fund and the ability to use online services ? Imagine a simple service where you would pay some amount of money, you were comfortable enough with to the Siri-like entity . Siri-like entity would then use this money to enhance your life. One of my beefs with AI today, is outside of trading algorithms and control systems, there is the lack of real world personal impact. An AI might be opening and closing a door, and in future driving a car. But what I would like AI to do for me is something more subtle, like simply arranging my life to make more sense, based off of what I do. And to make those things happen in a more seamless, reaching out from my phone and touching something tangible in the real world way, use the fund to make that happen. A friend of mind once highlighted, that humans are irrational, so if I had a Siri-like entity buying things for me that made me a little more rational , with respect to personal goals I set, it would be quite awesome. Books, would magically appear at my doorstep, I’d have movie tickets purchased, and fortuitous meetings with people that I needed to touch base with over coffee that was pre-purchased. It might be wrong some times , but hey that’s what a discretionary fund is used for to be used when its needed for little things here and there.

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